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The Sinister Seductions of the Serpent Queen

The Sinister Seductions of the Serpent Queen

Now I’ll really horrify you: What if the author wanted it to look that way??? (h/t Ian)


    1. or a baguette dyed red? you know, because even the serpent queen gets hungry for some nice crusty bread??

      (i have to believe this to preserve my sanity)

        1. I’m sure that there’s a song with that title in the thousands of unreleased tracks Prince left at his death.

  1. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not her breasts, as being apparently a reptile, she’s not supposed to have any. Maybe that’s just her tobacco bag or something.
    To sum up: Why, Falstaff…?

    1. Be fair, she’s trying to be seductive, presumably to lure prey. It’s not her fault she doesn’t understand how to correctly wear fake boobs – as you say, she’s a reptile.

        1. Either that, or, she’s a really old reptile, and doesn’t understand that young boobs–seductive boobs–don’t look like half-defalted balloons. That, or, as you say, she’s a reptile, and don’t know from no boobs–so she didn’t know that her plastic surgeon gave her Gently Pre-Used reject boobs removed from would-be porn queen exotic dancers.

            1. Nathan relented previously and gave us the comments preview option but if we fail to use it, he leaves are typos for awl to sea.

          1. @ Hitch

            C,mon. Don’t blame poor Snake Woman. She can’t help being drawn that way. I bet she’d cry if reptiles had tear ducts. Blame the cover artist and the author for such a travesty. 🙁

  2. My first thought was is that a blood sucking leach potato, or did your heart just melt out of your chest.

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