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The Warlock’s Friend: The Crystal Spears

The Warlock’s Friend: The Crystal Spears

“Hey, why don’t we use my RPG character portrait that looks like Johnny Depp for the cover?”


  1. So his pants are patched in the groin area. I have a feeling that there is a story about that that we really don’t want to know about.

    1. I think he’s supposed to be wearing some kinda chaps over blue jeans. The texture of the chap area matches the leather duster.

      If you aren’t riding horseback in chaparral country, chaps and duster come across as an affectation. The maroon shirt with zipper and the dark glasses really top off the outfit.

      A double barrel shotgun takes two hands to load, so double barrel in both hands means you’d better win the gunfight in four shots or you’re doomed.

      The net effect of Mr. Too-Cool Bad-A hits me as some kinda parody.

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