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The Shelter for Buttered Women

The Shelter for Buttered Women

I… yeah.


  1. I find the author’s choices for all these little oval vignettes to be inscrutable.

    What thought process did he go through to link them all together in his mind? And why would he assume such links would be understandable to readers?

    1. I don’t have a clue. The parking lot full of big trucks is especially confusing. I can see the book has something to do with Muslim women, but how that relates to the other images is anyone’s guess. And what has anything to do with butter?

    1. I was going to say that – is the author sure he means ‘buttered’ and not ‘battered?’ but even with that, the imagery is a little weird and… random.

  2. I was pretty appalled by the image of the woman with the noose around her neck so I did a little digging; the image appears on a few sites about human rights abuses in Iran but I cannot determine whether it is a photograph of an actual execution or a staged photo. If it’s a real photo from such an event, well that is more messed up than I can deal with.

  3. That’s all fine and dandy if you’re into that kind of thing, but where do they keep the lightly-oiled ones?

    1. Or, the low-calorie, made-with-Canola-oil ones? Or Lightly margarined?

      Do you think they have the Lightly-Pammed ones, too?

    2. The title reminds me how I like my breakfast toast … buttered with cinnamon and brown sugar

      I suspect the title was meant to be battered … which is how I like my catfish and okra but that implies deep fried …

      This title and cover are disturbing.

  4. I try to judge a cover by the cover.
    If you have to judge a cover by the book, the cover has failed.
    I checked the Amazon page for this book.
    The Amazon page is titled The Shelter for Buttered Women.
    Look Inside! the title page is The Shelter for Buttered Women.
    I think Buttered is deliberate but I was disinclined to read the preview to see if there was a clue to why the women were buttered.

    The author has a series of Ari Ciminon books using the same cover template.
    At least the series is brand marked to warn the unwary.

    1. I bit that bullet and read the preview. It IS about ‘battered’ rather than ‘buttered’ women – but that doesn’t really make it any better. It’s a spy-thriller espionage novel about the male hero’s quest to protect the owner and occupants of a mansion for battered women from a mysterious assassin! With a ‘parallel story’ (‘parallel’ meaning ‘happens two years earlier’ in this case) where the hero is also hunting for a kidnapped Iraqui translator in Baghdad! How lucky for all those battered women that they have this lone superhero to ride in and save the day for them!

  5. I think the misconception in title was just a poor font choice. Still, buttered women seems like an interesting plot.

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