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The Peacekeeper’s Soul

The Peacekeeper’s Soul

You’d swear the synopsis is from some other book entirely:

Three years ago Cort O’Leary was the pride of his precinct at NYPD. After he watched his partner and lover die one terrible night, he sought a quieter life in rural New England. He thought he could run from his past, but nightmares about his lover’s death have suddenly become more vivid. Worse, an evil entity – The Story Keeper – has used his sorrow as a conduit and intends to feed off Cort’s soul…


  1. i don’t know, i’m starting to feel like the awfulness of the cover might be feeding off of my soul too.

  2. Um. Did the author upload the wrong illustration by mistake? Because this looks much more like art for light hearted and humorous chick lit. Not bad art for that genre, except for the text boxes which need to go.

    It is in no way at all the right art for what sounds like paranormal horror. Unless this is what the evil entity looks like and what is horrible is the way chick lit illustrations are feeding on his soul. He must really hate chick lit.

    At least show some dripping blood on the woman’s luscious and sensual lips. Maybe if those golden spatters were blood red. Or something.

    1. I say, Jokerman, Papyrus, Comic Sans, Chiller, Curlz — banish them all to the Island of Misfit Fonts!

      1. True Confessions: I once had a book to convert, in which the client wanted the entire book done in Chiller. I mean…it was a massive argument. I hate to get up on my hind legs, with the high hairy eyeball, but I put my foot down. NO WAY was a book going out of my shop, all in Chiller.

        (Although, at least 5-10 books have gone out that–yes, I confess, I confess!!!–have had the dreaded Papyrus in the Chapter heads. At the client’s insistence, of course, but still….you can’t win them all.)

        1. Chiller would be good for a MAD magazine parody of a horror story. It could also make a good horror story look like a parody.

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