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The Assignment

The Assignment

According to Amazon, this is “A lesbian love story Science Fiction Romance.”


      1. perfect theme song if there’s a film version 🙂

        Great. I’m getting flashbacks of the MST3K presentation of “Attack of the The Eye Creatures”.

        1. Oh god. Is that the fifties horror movie about giant eyes with tentacles that float around on clouds and grab unsuspecting pedestrians to devour as they pass below? I saw that on TV as a very small child and had nightmares for months. Although I remember it being called The Floating Eye.

          1. there was one called “the crawling eye” that sounds like the one you saw. also featured on mst3k!

              1. Was it set in the Swiss Alps with a psychic girl? Scared the bediddles out of 11 y.o. me in the theater. Brit film The Trollenberg Terror retitled The Crawling Eye when unleashed in the US 1958.

                The poster art was recycled for Attack of the The Eye Creatures 1965 which was a remake of Invasion of the Saucer Men 1957 — lover’s lane teenage parkers vs space invaders.

                Delightful how Lousy Book Covers attracts connoisseurs of exquisite cinema.

                    1. I’m not even though I love MST3K, because if I ever watch the MST-version of a movie, their jokes is all I can remember when I try to watch it “straight.” (I’m also a little miffed that they did STARCRASH, one of my all-time faves, because *I* was on track to do a “Mystery Science Tribute” showing of that very movie at the next Salt Lake Comic Con…)

                    2. I am glad I missed that ep of MST3K. StarCrash is one of my all time guilty pleasures (along with Roger Coeman’s Battle Beyond the Stars). Caroline Munro, Marjoe Gortner (it was 1978), Chris Plummer, Dave Hasselhoff, Caroline Munro, her costumes, Star Wars at one-third the budget!

                      The revived season was on Netflix recently. Missed it. 🙁

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