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Lurking Strangers

Lurking Strangers



  1. Is there something lurking in that blue mess? Very strange.
    Red text on dark blue is a huge mistake as well.
    One of the truly worst covers you have featured.

  2. maybe it’s a sort of existential science fiction novel and the lurking strangers are the vast and uncaring cosmos themselves (see because there’s some dots that look like stars…)

  3. I am thinking now that the black lines are tree branches, which seems rather an odd choice of images for strangers who are lurking. The branches just aren’t big enough to lurk behind.

    1. A starry night sky seen through tree limbs. Fear of an unknown threat lurking in the dark is a universal theme in spooky stories. I think the cover art is too subtle and murky to convey that effectively.

      Dark red lettering on dark blue (or black) doesn’t work: save the cover as greyscale and look at it. A lot of viewing devices (and viewing people) see it like that. Centering title and byline is as easy as quad left and usually looks better too.

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