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Avenging Star

Avenging Star

The rest of the clutter might distract you from BUM.


  1. I was so busy looking at the apparently plastic gun I didn’t see the wet naked butt. Until now. Does this cover break Amazon’s no-naked-flesh rule? Or maybe that’s why the fakey gun is on the cover. To distract people. Then why bother with the nakedness at all?

    Am I over thinking this?

    1. Oh, yeah, there is a gun on the cover. The gun is a Henry 1860 (or replica or prop) and from the position of the follower tab, it is not loaded. I guess her grim expression is supposed to awe us. (If we’re not distracted by wet naked butt.)

      1. On my screen it looks fake. Could be the color I’m seeing. A kind of pale blueish turquoise. I know there’s such a thing as blued steel, but I don’t think the real stuff has such a candied, sugar coated look to it.

        1. I think that’s a color-shift in the image that emphasizes it’s a cut’n’paste. It does not blend with the gal’s photo. I’ve seen other book, DVD and VHS covers where the makers decided to remind us what the genre was by badly pasting a prop mis-matching the rest of the cover (I remember going WTH at the VHS cover of Bravo One Zero).

          The Smith&Wesson forum noted hot tank bluing of steel requires careful control of temperature and chemicals to get the desired dark blue/black color. Low temperature and/or weak solution can bring out a plum color in steel. They showed a revolver with blue frame, black cylinder and plum barrel as an example of bad bluing. I suspect this cover gun had jpeg loss in its image processing.

  2. honestly didn’t notice the random nudity until it was pointed out. it wasn’t even the busyness that distracted me it was the fact that they apparently used the default mspaint text for the title

  3. The expression on her face indicates that someone out here in LBC land just said, “That’s no moon, it’s the Avenging Star!”

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