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We’ve featured other volumes in this series before. They’re still bad.


  1. UGH! That font is UGLY!

    And I bet it’s really legible in thumbnail, too.

    What possesses people to choose such cover dreck? It’s beyond my grokking.

  2. “Clamstoke”? Did you mean “Clamstok”, which is apparently some kind of a thing in World of Warcraft?

  3. Jayzus, when you transplant a poorly freehand outlined chicka on top of other crap graphics, at least place the bottom crop of her body at the bottom edge not above it. Best of all, leave her off and get rid the the blonde’s acne and the cover improves by a good 10%.

  4. At full 1219×1828 pixel glory, that’s not acne:
    ♪ ♫ ain’t no Clearsil gonna cure that ill, she’s got a bad case of ♪ ♫
    stars burning through her skin.

    At thumbnail Amazon “Customers who bought …” size, about 110×160 pix, I read the title and author as:
    At Amazon “Look Inside!” preview size, about 230×350 pixel, I read the title and author as:
    Prudenca Mad_ead
    At laptop full screen, about 420×630, the font is sorta legible.

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