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Arctic Gale

Arctic Gale

I’m not exactly blown away. (Ha! See what I did there?)


  1. It’s a magic shadow bike! No lock ever needed. Fold it up and slip it inside your spandex.

    P.S. No arctics were harmed in the making of this atrocity.

  2. I assumed it was the Artic Gale that was powering her along, above the ground there. 😉

    After all, it’s gotta be magic–no shadows, right? Except on the atrocious font-trocity?

      1. It’s a word that’s become necessary to my existence, here on LBC.com. There’s no other word for it; fonts are now being told horror stories by their Mummies–“if you’re bad, you’ll end up on LBC, and you’ll freeze that way!” It’s the Boogeyman of Font Children everywhere. 🙂

    1. Arctic Warming Warning! The H20 vapor and CO2 exhaled by panting bicyclers has melted the Arctic!

  3. Well, I guess if you’re from Miami or Acapulco or somewhere similar the Seattle suburbs might seem like the Arctic.

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