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And The Children Shall Lead

And The Children Shall Lead

What. The. Hell.


  1. I’m confused. Is that a young boy’s face with a girl’s long hair pasted onto him? In Saxon-ish clothes standing in front of… some sort of American colonial-style mansion?

    1. In the far background is the opening of the American Constitution (“We the People…”) so that must be the White House. “And The Children Shall Lead…” implies that’s a sorta biblical prophecy person there.

  2. A Daily Devotional written by Roman children from medieval England who take the Sphinx on a vacation trip to DC?

  3. According to the amazon description, it is apparently a novel about King Arthur and the knights of the round except they’re teenagers now because screw you saving the children of california by doing something with the US constitution.

    I don’t know if I should laugh harder at the face on the cover or the premise.

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