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The Forgotten Child

The Forgotten Child

“My knees! Where the hell are my knees???


  1. You’d think a father would notice for himself that his kid had no knees and was missing half his right hand.

    Another thing about this cover. It took a while to figure out whose shoulder that was in the middle, and finally figured out it’s his. Because his head is at a really strange angle. I think that’s not the original head that goes with that shoulder, plus it looks like she has him in a really uncomfortable wrestling hold. Not in a good way.

    1. Dang, the kid’s dissolving into to the grass and he’s so unobservant he has to be told?

      Her face is lit from our right, her hair (if it’s hers and not another c’n’p) is lit from our left, his face is lit from center above. His head may be cut’n’paste but the edges are handled better than most LBC c’n’p jobs <– that's as close as I get to PsRein.

  2. How about “Dude, there’s something seriously wrong with that weird kid of yours.” Followed by “Hey, I’m just the messenger. Don’t get mad at me, bro.”

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