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Maahilund (The Fair and Fey Book 2)

Maahilund (The Fair and Fey Book 2)

How many different ways can the covers in one series go wrong? (h/t Doug)


  1. Three books (or more) in this series, and none here at LBC has a consistent, readily identifiable cover theme that links to the other books in the series.

    Sad. And stupid.

  2. Did anyone else here notice that there’s some critter, in the water, in front of yon nymph? A turtle, perhaps, or…? You guys see it?

  3. Since you call attention … on laptop with 1280×720 pix screen, click link to hi-res cover, zoom in …

    Oh, wow! This must be the scene cut from Swamp People where Glenn Guist rescues a nude swimmer from a loggerhead turtle (but she can’t decide who’s scarier).

      1. No, by god, it IS fish. It’s the fish that Väinämöinen throws away, while fishing, which turns into the gorgeous Aino, who laughs at him and vanishes forever.

        See? Not crazy. Critters in the water. And you’re right, Take Cover–that’s a lovely Tryptych.

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