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The Dress-Up Detectives: Go To Pony Paradise!

The Dress-Up Detectives: Go To Pony Paradise!

That would be a nice change from this PONY HELL here.


  1. This just gives me an awful feeling that Amazon got fooled into thinking it’s really a children’s book.

    1. Relax, from the Look Inside! to the reviews, it appears to be a real children’s book.

  2. Is that a f^cking horse perched on a tree branch? Somewhere My Little Ponies are leaping from high cliffs. I’ll give–is that Bonnie in pink there on the purple plaid?–a quarter point for correct use of the hyphen. But dock her half a point for not centering the 3 in the star.

    1. I cannot recall seeing a horse sitting hind legs folded front legs straight in a tree on any of my families’ farms or even sitting on the ground like that. I don’t think horses do that naturally. I did a web search and found a horse sitting like that on the ground with a trainer near by.

      To my eyes, that is Bonnie W???a?? in a reddish purple on lavender plaid. Barely visible full size, disappears thumbnail ad size. Good luck to readers browsing the various Amazon ad arrays who might recognize the author’s name.

  3. Something about the looks on their faces, coupled with “Go to Pony Paradise!” just SCREAMS all shades of wrong.

  4. This is the kind of thing I picture every time my 11-year-old begs to draw the cover for my middle grade series.

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