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Ancient Magic Stone: Playing with the Present and Future

Ancient Magic Stone: Playing with the Present and Future

Yet another book seemingly designed by someone who had only had book covers described to him once.


  1. The magic stone is a piece of chalk. Which would have formed long enough ago to be considered ancient I guess. But where’s the magic?

    1. The magic is apparently



         s is at least one of { apple, cherry, lemon, … }


         Ra = bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

    1. Yes! The box can become a moon rocket, or submarine, or pirate ship, more imaginative than the dull present.

  2. The poster cover for how not to design a cover. In fact, this looks more like a poster than a book cover. A poster for math geeks and chalk dust huffers, and ideally, people who are both.

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