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Isis Wept

Isis Wept

Photobombing hibachi chef!


  1. I, too,wept upon seeing this cover. I actually like the use of Papyrus on this cover. The worst part for me is all those things cut and pasted onto each other. Looks very cluttered and unfocused. I’m not saying Papyrus is a good, font, though!

    1. My understanding of papyrus hatred is not that its a bad font, it’s that when it was first introduced everyone liked it so much it was overused. To the point that designers now can’t stand to look at it.

  2. Get rid of knife guy. And that orange splotch under the title. It won’t be a good cover, but it will be much less horrible.

    1. The funny part about “knife guy” is that if you squint, he actually appears to be the highly-stylized, narrow, banded beard that are depicted on the Pharoahs. 🙂 Seriously–look at him! Of course, it looks like the highly-stylized beard is curving around, but, hey!

      Vis: the Papyrus hate? Two Words: James Cameron

  3. WOW! Fake tear tracks drawn with a medium-point black magic marker. I’m soooooo impressed.

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