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Reality Pill

Reality Pill



  1. I can ALMOST see where this might’ve seemed like a good idea. But, I’m also off my meds. (Wait—was this supposed to be a round pill? Like an aspirin?)

  2. And to prove it is real, we skew the pill to remind you it is just pixels. Also starring: people who never heard of the Matrix or the Red Pill cliche it birthed.

  3. Even with the pill un-stretched, it feels to me that the vertical spacing of the pill, title, and byline is awkward: there should be more space between the bottom of the pill and the title. Plus, while the byline is centered relative to the pill, the title is off to the right a bit.

  4. If it had more snow it could be the logo screen for a black & white era TV show …

    “Do not attempt to adjust the picture … We control the horizontal … We control the vertical …”

  5. Even if the aspect ratio was correct, this wouldn’t be a good cover, but as it is…seriously, how hard is it to click the “lock aspect ratio” box while you’re changing the size of your stock image?

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