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Love in the Office: Romance Book Clean & Wholesome

Love in the Office: Romance Book Clean & Wholesome

“Love in the Office” = “Clean & Wholesome”? DOES NOT COMPUTE.


  1. One of the comments implies that this “clean & wholesome” romance is actually surprise incest. I’m beginning to suspect that the Amazon self-pub “clean & wholesome” genre just means “hetero and not kinky”.

    1. Well, maybe it has a twist ending:

      So there it was: the hottie from the office turned out to be my biological brother. “I guess I’d better not bang this guy,” I thought. So I went ahead and married that other guy I was planning to marry in the first place.

      The end.

  2. Romance Book. Clean & Wholesome?

    Uh, isn’t that an oxymoron?

    The few Romance books I’ve thumbed through (not a genre I read) have racy passages every so often throughout the book.

    OK, Jane Austin doesn’t count. I get that.

    1. No, that’s not an oxymoron if the book’s talking about a dude plowing his wife. There’s even a well-known trope about that. Of course, some of us readers might also insist the language has to be clean too (i.e. no blasphemy and obscenity).

      One example I’ve read: A Rose In Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss. The marital consummation scene in there did get rather hot and heavy and left no question in the reader’s mind of what was happening, but it didn’t have any porno terms or overly explicit descriptions. Woodiwiss had a reputation for being a master of that kind of writing.

      1. Dr Smith was the villian who kept putting the Robinsons in danger. Hate it but can’t forget it.

  3. I’m so glad that the tagline specifies that this is a “book.” Otherwise I might have mistaken it for a “Romance Ham Sandwich” (Clean and Wholesome).

    Terry, why, oh why couldn’t you have just said “A Clean and Wholesome Romance”??? Three fewer letters and 98% less stupid!


    Whyyyyyyy …. [voice trails off in phlegm-choked gurgling]

  4. 12 pages. I do wish authors would stop calling a work of 12 pages a book. That’s a short story. Wouldn’t have mentioned it, but it says ‘book’ on the cover. Can a short story be a ‘book’ simply because it has a cover? Can romance in the office survive staff meetings and, of course, Kevin? And who’s stealing my cheese sticks from the break room refrigerator?

    1. Leroy, the new accountant assistant, aka cheese breath.

      12 pages more or less for a short story or chapter sample book is called a chapbook and actually has a recognized place.

      Calling a chapbook a book and charging book price is an abusive practice.

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