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Rescuing Rebecca: an amish story

Rescuing Rebecca: an amish story

“My Amish pearls, let me show you them.”


  1. Why oh why do people continue to use pictures where the main figure’s face is going to go slap bang underneath the textually busy area of their template? This template (if it’s worth using at all … which frankly is doubtful) needs a landscape picture with a tall empty sky, or something. People down in the bottom half only. [sigh]

    1. Or wear a thin layer of crepe, in green with gold thread, over their skirts, OR wear manicured polished nails, or…oh, for the love of heaven, just give. it. up!

  2. Y’know, I’m wondering if they put the text over her face to hide the fact that her head looks MASSIVE on that body.

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