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Blood of Kings

Blood of Kings

“An Illustrated Novel.” That’s means there’s even MORE of this.


  1. That “brace” with the looong drop of blood reminds me of something else that is connected to blood. Of course – every Rorschach card look like Fallopian tubes or giant penises to me.

  2. I suppose the drips coming off the title are meant to convey “blue blood” as in royal blood? How symbolic. But then what’s that brown stuff?

      1. No kidding! All of the interior text is sideways on the pages…and set at such a large point size and with so much leading that I am not surprised that there are 615 pages of text. Added to that are 1254 full-page illustrations—which are placed at 90 degrees to the text pages. These illustrate the text but instead of being placed next to the relevant parts of the story they are all grouped together at the end of each chapter.

        And the book includes directions on how to use the table of contents.

    1. Indeed, it’s one-of-a-kind (which, this example just goes to show, is not always a good thing). Seems to me, if he’s going to include that much illustration and that little text, he should have just made it a graphic novel using word bubbles and text boxes for the respective dialogue and exposition. These cheaply rendered “pseudohumans” might not make very good graphics for the cover of a prose novel, but one might be able to manufacture comic books and graphic novels using them.

      (Actually, some outfits already make comics and graphic novels using this cheap rendering; it’s just that… well, most of those are pornographic. Like other new visual media technology, though, I expect it’ll eventually find its way to more respectable uses.)

      1. Really? Psuedohumans are predominantly porn stars? Who knew? RK, I’ll just have to defer to your superior expertise in that field. 🙂

        You’d think that their pseudo-agents would have warned them against pursuing pseudo-entertainment like comic-book-porn. Ya know? Could ruin any chance that they have of landing a starring role in the next big league animated films…You know how those family-friendly producers are.

        1. Anyone want to dredge the Amazon backwaters for comix/grafk novels with pseudohumans? We need data on porn/nonporn not anecdotes! No volunteers? Buncha pseudohuman haters. Me? I will admit I found my only encounter with PH erotica creepy.

          1. Um, you’re not likely to find much if you go dredging Amazon. Most of the stuff those “pseudohumans” are portrayed doing in those pornographic comics is um… how shall I put this? Well, let’s just say if they had photos of live actors doing what the 3D-rendered characters in those comics do, everybody involved in those comics’ production and publication would be rounded up and sentenced to a decades-long stay in a maximum security prison and be on the sex offender registry forever afterward.

  3. Considering the title Blood of Kings, one thinks that there should be an Oxford bluebood-drop comma after “Perversity”.

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