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SUPERHERO – Blue Knight: Episode I, Birth of a Superhero

SUPERHERO – Blue Knight: Episode I, Birth of a Superhero

So apparently the designer’s only doubt was, “What if people don’t recognize the Chicago skyline?”


  1. Just watch: any minute now, some conspiracy theorist nut is going to be saying the obviously smeared clouds at the top are “chem-trails” that the government uses to drug all of us “sheeple” into submission or something.

    1. You mean, they’re not?

      You ever notice, everybody ignores the reality of flying horses? Ever been around horses? Horse crap is LARGE. It’s bad enough to go into the city and get bombed by pigeon crap. Can you imagine? Horse crap dropped from 500 feet?

      Hilarity ensues…

      1. It looks like a very tiny super hero on a very tiny horse, so perhaps the horse poop will be more like pellets. I can’t believe I’m actually discussing this.

        1. The size of the horse depends on how far away we’re seeing it. If it’s over the water it could be small, if it’s over the city it would be huge. And consequently the size of the crap bombs hitting the city would probably destroy it. Since there is no horse reflection in the water, I vote for a huge horse. So, the next important question is, is the rider the good guy or the bad guy?

        2. Welcome to LBC, brother…where we constantly ponder the big issues facing the universe, like the size of horsepoop dropped from the Chicago Skyline.

          Of course…it’s Chicago. You think anyone would notice?

  2. This cover missed true glory by failing to continue with the labeling. If only the artist had included more tags, such as ‘reflections in water’ and ‘incongruous shield!’ Maybe also ‘clip-art armor’ or ‘Got tired of trying to align reflections right here.’

    So close…

  3. Didn’t DAVE MATTHEWS BAND dump a bunch of sewage out of their tour bus onto some tourist boat in Chicago? I bet it looked like this cover.

  4. I’m trying to decide if the plummeting horse is about to be impaled on the SEARS Tower (None of that Willis shite up in here) or splash down in Lake Michigan…if that is Lake Michigan. Not being labeled at all, it could be anything…like even a massive spring pothole, which is where this cover belongs.

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