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Love Trev and Jhivana

Love Trev and Jhivana



    1. The “rainy window” filter does make the dog look diseased, don’t it? This overused filter ranks with the overused leaning towers of colored blocks cover template.

      “I am Trevor Harper, and you killed my fuckin dog.”
      Johansson answered,
      “I never killed your dog.”
      I was so angry, with Johansson’s answer.
      “If you never came around with your fuckin guards and their guns,
      I would still have a fuckin dog, so I am telling you, that you killed my fuckin dog.”
      Johansson noticed the gun, I had tucked in my pants.
      “So, you killed my guards, and now you are going to kill me because we killed your dog.”
      “No Johansson, your weakling useless guards are still fuckin breathing, right where I left them, but I made a promise to my dead dog, my best and only friend, that I would take a life for his.”
      Emily started pleading,
      “No, no, no, no, no, please no.”
      Johansson seemed quite afraid now, and he spoke softly with a tremble.
      “So, you are just going to kill me?”

  1. From the description:

    Trevor Harper, is a writer, living in an infamous lake house.
    After a seemingly chance meeting, with, Jhivana, the daughter of a powerful
    secretive business man, Divine inspiration opens up to them,
    their destiny that binds them with inseparable love.

    Good lord, somebody stop him before he commas again!

    1. That blurb was obviously written by the author because the Look inside! text sample is worse:
      _ extraneous commas in sentences, not even representing natural pauses within spoken sentences (one use of comma besides separating lists),
      _ commas between sentences where a period (full stop) would be appropriate, and
      _ 71 instances of “, and” in the free read sample usually stringing multiple sentences together.
      Sentences are separated by “and” and “, and” when there is really no connection other than time and a full stop would be appropriate.

      I must say the lousy book cover matches the book. (Did I just judge the cover by the book?)


          From ahead an ambulance came roaring around the corner toward
          us, flying past, with siren blaring and lights flashing, my heart
          pounded with anxious fright and sorrow, remembering, the three people
          I had left down the bank. Feeling my sudden attack of remorse, Jhivana
          squeezed into me tighter, giving me a comforting embrace, she must
          have felt the pounding in my chest and sensed, that I had done
          something, I was not proud of.

          Jhivana and I, talked no more,

          We embraced in our silence,
          Together with present, and future minds thinking,
          I had her, my love.
          My strong arms embraced her, as love’s protection,
          We had complete togetherness,
          Tears for all, and to the Lord, with thankfulness,
          A prisoned heart, I had taken, but not stolen,
          Released to me.

          What truly, had just happened?
          Who had I become?
          Super deep scary,
          Insanely crazy,
          Love, greater than the enemy,
          I was the weapon,
          Possessed with terrible goodness,
          Divine power, flowed through me,
          Severely compromised,
          I rescued her, with force brutality,
          A deep sorrow for, the hurting tragedy,
          I guess, how it was meant to be.
          My Lord, to you, thankfully.
          It will now, and always be,
          Her and me.
          Love, Trev and Jhivana,


        The sound was pulsating in waves towards us, as we neared the
        entrance to the main area, the huge cloud lighting up the atmosphere above the sea of people surges.

        We floated through the passionate crowd.
        I found Jhivana, was part of me, and I a part of her,
        We were in an aura of togetherness.
        As ripples surrounded us, with orbiting color’s and shimmering
        lights, we were accompanied by a melodic beating,
        Igniting our orgasmic adrenalin,
        Jhivana’s spirit radiated towards me, consuming me,
        Melding us together, with love ecstasy,
        Faces dissolved in the crowd,
        Smiles cruised through our equinox.
        Passion was perfume, and our drug was togetherness.
        Golden waves rushed up through us,
        Notes of music surrounded us.
        Wrapped in a blanket of our combined protection,
        We sensually swayed in powerful harmony.
        Dripping rhythms of comfort,
        Entwining euphoria, e
        Enhanced levels of sensory explosion,
        We were floating on peaks.
        Stimulation found a relentless warmth in us.
        “I love her.”
        “I love him.”
        Did I just, hear her thoughts?
        Did she just hear my thoughts?
        “Of course,”
        I was captivated we were experiencing telepathy,
        I totally understood the situation,
        Perception was within our grasp.
        I noticed a faint noise, which grew stronger and seemed to get
        closer, but it was not actually a noise, but a voice carrying between the repertoire of beats, repeating itself, I locked in on its origin and
        picked up on the right key, just before it vanished again, repeating
        almost like a whisper, saying,
        “It’s all for you, Trevor and Jhivana.”
        I looked down at my hand and didn’t have my water.
        I looked at Jhivana’s hand and she wasn’t holding onto her water either,
        Had we thrown them away?
        Did we drink them all?
        My gosh she is beautiful,
        “She is mine,”
        “He is mine,”
        It just happened again.
        “It’s real, it has to be”
        “I know you can feel me, Trevor”
        The laser lights connected all who were in the crowd, making us appear
        like we were joined as puzzle pieces on a board, and we were in the
        middle, and everyone knew it, we were the heart of the nucleus.
        “It’s all for you, Trevor and Jhivana.”
        “It’s all for you,”
        The lights flickered an array of sparkles and we saw we were
        surrounded by people, but they were glowing like stars in the
        atmosphere. We were the center of the galaxy and they orbited us,
        occasionally a single star would come close, to almost colliding with us
        but we would rebound it, with our force electro, magnetism.
        We were untouchable, our planet was perfect and wonderful but like
        a poison to invaders. We danced within our loves perfect
        Our bodies communicated in tune with one another, for we had a
        single heart and a single breath that we shared.
        There was perfection between us, we were enhanced sensual
        creatures, and the music was for us, everything was for us, we were in
        the perfect place at the perfect time.
        Ecstasy rushed through us,
        We were aligned as unimaginable phenomena.
        “Maybe, I am reading her thoughts?”
        “Maybe you are,”
        “I love you so much.”
        “I love you more.”

        Working back down her neck with my lips
        tease biting and sucking on her nipples, again.
        Jhivana delicately sipped from her cool refreshments which passed her
        lips so easily. With one hand on her glass, her other arm stretched out
        wide on the spa frame, she was open for my sensual seduction. My hands
        working back and forward underwater, massaging her inner
        thighs, ever encroaching on her delicate in-between. Smooching
        her sweet wine flavored mouth, she spread her thighs wide with wanting, so I started finger circling her lips, and daintily dipping, pressing and
        rubbing, with slippery oiled sensations, working my teeth on her nipples gently, then sucking firm, then harder, punishing her tender tips, swapping breasts for equal torture, she started moaning and squealing with pleasure, the pain on her breasts had her biting her lips, her hips were grinding on my fingers in time with the music.
        A combination of oil, wet heat and juices, loosened her opening,
        diving two fingers deeper, spotting her g spot, with my thumb rolling
        her button. My tongue tipping her nipples for tease, then with succulent
        mouthfuls of deep suck and gorge, Jhivana started screaming,
        “Fuck me, fuck me,”
        Her urgency more and more insistent,
        I was punishing her, fingers relentless,
        Jhivana howling, and rocking,
        Hips thrashing, her whole-body convulsing,
        Uncontrolled squealing,
        Her pussy contracting impulses on my fingers,
        Massive detonating shuddering orgasm,
        She lost her glass in the pool,
        Pushing my hand away,
        Begging for thrusts
        She pulled me into her,
        Feeling penetration between her thighs,
        With my length and width, I started hard fucking,
        Her squeals and moans turned into sexual groaning,
        I fucked raw, hard, and fast,
        With breasts slapping against my chest, water splashing everywhere,
        Our tongues deep, and tangled,
        Ravenous passion,
        Electric thrusts of power,
        Breaking free from her lips,
        Concentrating power to orgasm,
        Our panting multiplying,
        Howling, and groaning,
        Together powerfully climaxing,
        Repetitive currents of orgasmic power,
        Rushes convulsive.
        Accurately defining a depth charge,

        Oh, my fucken goodness.
        Jhivana wrapped her legs around me, constricting me tight into her.
        We shook together with sensitive electric shocks,
        Catching our breath, we teased each other with our tingling sensitivity,
        we were absolutely exhausted… Fantastic.

        After calming down, we chit chatted and laughed, drinking the rest
        of the bottle, getting silly brilliantly awesome, with the oil in the bath we
        slipped against each other so lavishly,
        It was fantastic and gorgeously sexy.
        A totally unique experience.



        I looked at his badge it said Gerrard.
        And then respectfully Gerrard replied to my statement.
        “You’re a fuckwit.”
        “I know mate, see you later this afternoon, Gerrard.”
        “I don’t pick up try-hards.”
        “Bullshit, you would pick up anyone who was willing to enter,
        your stink-attitude cab.”
        “You’re a fucken dickhead.” Gerrard replied.
        “And you are an awesome guy, see you later mate.” I shut the door,
        Gerrard flipped me the bird and drove off, I gave him the double
        fingers back.
        Jhivana was a bit stunned,
        “Wow, that guy was an asshole.”
        “No, he wasn’t baby he was all right, he might have had a bad attitude
        but he was honest, I was the one that disrespected him from the start
        with my cheap payoff line, I was more the asshole than he was.”
        “Yeah, I know what you’re saying Trevor, but he got snotty first.”
        “This is true, but we did try to force him to go through the
        drive through, he was just protecting his car and his business, and we
        have just had too much to drink Jhivana.”
        “Maybe we haven’t had enough Mr. Serious.”
        I cracked up laughing,
        “You are an awesome chick Jhivana, I absolutely love you, I am so
        glad that you are mine.”
        It felt like we were matched so perfectly, there was comfort of
        Knowing that she would back me up without a glance in the
        other direction, we were always going to be inseparable. It was a fantastic situation to be found in.

      Her high propped little dark red mini skirt exposed her legs and their
      lengthy sexual forms.
      Her mascara run sultry eyes, were smoking hot seducing, alluring me.
      her curves were infatuating, hypnotizing.
      Her tiny sexy red skirt exposed her mouth-watering rear.
      Swishing her long dark pony tail kicked, silky sheen hair.
      Her dance simulation, enhancing a stimulation, causing, sexual
      mental penetration.
      Her curved down back made her sexy butt pop, as she straddled
      to dominate the couch, with her sensual forms of woman, lustfully
      gorgeous hanging with sway. Her position bearing near all, of her sexual vulnerable.
      Her sexy eyes were challenging me.
      Her succulent lips, invitingly pashable, confronting me with her wants
      her desirous needs, her dirty filthy talk was driving me.
      She was seducing me, teasing me to feel and taste her,
      Her stretched out slim lined arms met her perfect fine shoulders.
      Her long dark hair, slinked down with wisps on her silky skinned neck,
      Her thighs were so frustratingly inviting, molded to perfection
      with pelvic grooving from her luscious sexy hips, she urged her
      wanting moans, begging me to indulge.
      My camera, I released, and she welcomed me, her lips meeting
      with mine, deep fully passionate kissing.
      Feeling her thighs and curvatures of her ass and breasts,
      I rolled and confronted her with necking sucks, moving downward
      slowly, desirously tasting her beauty and succulence.
      I felt the rage in her hips grinding, wanting me,
      I tasted her tummy, kissing gently down, her smoking eyes closed,
      I rolled her knickers and departed them, patiently.
      I spread her thighs so invitingly, and between her skirt I tasted her
      juices, daintily, softly teasing, moreish, I tongued her tight beautiful,
      continuously, with tip flicks and rolls and succulent mouthfuls.
      The amazing rush of wonderment with sexual sweetness and the
      tempest of love grinding oral.
      My gosh she was delicious. I was sumptuously addicted; for her
      moans intoxicated me.
      I reveled in her rush of electricity, and she shuddered so violently
      She screamed with rage of howl and excitement, then she sobered
      with jolts and sobbing.
      I finished, beautifully handling, with firm gentleness on the way
      up to meet her, I kissed her and wiped her tears. She squeezed me tight
      with her shocks pulsating from her, through me,
      I clothed her with my warmth. A rapture of embrace.
      Both contemplating our found destiny
      And we both never wanted the night to cease.


      We talked for what seemed an endless amount of time in front of the
      crackling fire about so many different things from favorite likes and
      dislikes, colors, foods and television shows, we had so many things
      in common, it was just amazing, but also, we had things that weren’t
      in common like toothpaste types and shoe size.
      We were having the most intimate soul search, we talked about
      God and spiritual stuff, about stars and history, the present world,
      and conspiracy’s, we talked about crazy movies and sports.
      There were so many things to reflect upon, life was truly amazing,
      and we edged together closer, until the passionate urge once again
      reared in us…

      Slipping into each other’s erogenous zone,
      With sensuous appetites for embracing.
      With breaths of flavored lips,
      Testing delicate deliciousness,
      Savoring time with temptations slow.
      Gently Arousing,
      Searching persuasions to induce.
      With light of amber flicks, and glowing coals.
      Exposing cores and kiss suggesting,
      Raising her arch, my lips pecked her belly,
      Her breast clothed, but under massaging,
      Sensual loving,
      Tremendous indulging feel,
      Sensually working her, with artistic flow.
      Memorizing her legs and thighs, my hands mapping,
      Sensually finding, and spreading her passionate heat,
      Maneuvered for selection of slick manipulation,
      I teased, thrust upon her bud,
      Mouthfuls of purest ecstasy,
      I seized her desire, lavishly between her thighs.
      Cushions gripped with her begging,
      Raging thick, and easing slowly into her heat,
      Forced slow, we both gasped.
      We devoured deeply into our love,
      Sensually rolling and down placing off the couch.
      eased into rhythms of beautiful deep togetherness.
      We seduced, fucked and loved,
      We raged with thrash,
      And calmed our storms,
      With delicate perfection,
      Between logs on the fire and long slow deep love,
      We expressed our full satisfaction for each other.
      and hours met with absolute self-control,
      Powerfully ending.
      We were astronauts’ everlasting.

      How could I explain, our sexual journey?
      Just truly passionate, phenomenally amazing.
      The ten-dollar pop had enhanced our sensory overdrive, with intense
      enduring strength, beyond normality.
      The morning was beginning, when we finally went to bed.
      It must have been around about five or six am, I am guessing.
      Between blankets, and spooning with warmth, our bodies shut
      down, as we finally drifted off for recuperation…
      But dreams were cut short, it seemed as if sleep was not to be allowed.

      The phone blared a terrible early morning ring with persistence that
      obviously was not going away, I rolled out of bed to answer it,
      with my head spinning and a somewhat trippy understanding of what
      was happening, everything wound into being quite a tight spring surprise,
      because on the other end of the line, a mother fucken bomb hit me,
      dragging me straight into, holy shit awake, for there was a voi

  2. My first, reaction was, to snort, out loud.

    I don’t think that’s the reaction most authors are going for when they choose/design/spitball/regurgitate a book cover.


      “You better tell me now Mr. man,” Jhivana was grumpy mad.
      I thought, I better answer correctly, after catching my breath,
      I explained,
      “There is a gun downstairs on the bench Jhivana, and it doesn’t belong
      to me.”
      “I saw that gun, Trevor, I also seen your bow and arrows, and now, I
      see we are getting to the truth.”
      “Yeah, I convinced your Dad, that I was strong enough to look after
      “How exactly, did you do that please, Trevor.”
      “It went like this, Jhivana, but first, I am sorry for everything that
      happened, you know that aye?”
      “Trevor, I am not sorry, I am sure you did what you had to do,
      please tell me.”
      “Okay, here goes….
      Dressed as a cowboy, I scoped your mansion,
      I created attention, escaping with a desperate flight,
      Reappearing in black, waiting for the night,
      With vision enhancing optical,
      Tagged slogans, and a camera smash.
      I sent blunt arrows flying, they found their marks,
      With knock out blows and knuckles bruised,
      I took the gun, that had taken my best friends life.
      With tape, I bound the enemies down,
      Still breathing within their sleep,
      Adrenalin pumping,
      Stealing through your house,
      Finding heartache, anger and desperate whispers of pleading,
      Answers were judgements of weakness, on my account,
      Bursting in with madness,
      A razor drawn, intent to prove,
      I was justified, and truly,
      Found worthy of you.
      “You are beautiful Trevor,” Jhivana said.
      “There is no beauty in the violence though, sweetheart, and I
      am ashamed, but I did, what I thought I had to do.”
      “There is beauty in you Trevor, and I am ashamed, ashamed for
      my father’s behavior, and I am so, so sorry for what you had to do
      to save me,

  3. I just approved nine –NINE — brilliantly idiotic comments by Brett Davie, author of Love Trev and Jhivana. He apparently thinks that lashing out against every solitary person who has a negative comment about his book or its cover is what a reasonable, intelligent person would do. (One of his retorts includes the classic “Your face!” response. You can’t make this up, people.)

    Apparently, Brett Davie, author of Love Trev and Jhivana, thinks that knowing English grammar and punctuation is the same as “SPEND[ing] THOUSANDS ON EDITORS AND PROFESSIONAL HELP” (caps in the original), and that “GET[ting] OUT THERE SOMEHOW” (caps in original) is more important than providing potential readers a competent, worthwhile for their money.

    The comments by Brett Davie, author of Love Trev and Jhivana, have been amusing in the same sense that a Chihuahua, under the delusion that it’s a full-sized dog instead of an inbred rat-dog, barks incessantly as if it could inspired awe and fear instead of scorn and contempt. But I think the amusement has run its course, so I’ll now disable his access to the comments.

    That’s Brett Davie, author of Love Trev and Jhivana. Just in case you were googling for him.

    1. But, but….”it was a totally unique experience!” (italic emphasis added).

      I suspect that had you let this continue, Nathan, you could have had a show that would rival the Greek Seaman, of Internet “Oh no you dint!” fame. But it’s true that these things rarely end well.

      (I do feel sorry for the folks who might buy the book and leave less-than-ecstatic reviews. That could get mightly ugly.)

    2. I’ve set Brett’s comments to moderation, so I still get them without posting them, but I think you should see this response:

      Thank you very much for your extra effort that you went too to disrespect my book, I have enjoyed it very much, and I can see prehaps that you people might know what you are talking about, I am guessing you are all professionals in your field . But when it comes to being creative with words, well your take on cat dog rat thing something was like a bit too descriptive for my tastes, prehaps you should take a few words out when you are describing something ecspecially when it is unique, you totally lost me as a reader, e.g. I was confused as to what you were trying to explain, tip=keep it simple mate, and prehaps just get better at describing… rat dog things

      That’s right, Brett is trying to critique my comment for clarity and reading comprehension. Rarely have I seen the Dunning-Kruger effect so well demonstrated.

  4. After reading all those excepts I still don’t understand why the dog should have such a prominent place on the cover.

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