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Sarah of Raven Hall: A Gothic Paranormal Romance

Sarah of Raven Hall: A Gothic Paranormal Romance

A frame within a frame within a frame — it’s frameception! (Also, Mary-Sue alert!)


  1. At least the portrait is well drawn. No Crayolas or Magic Markers. And no 8-year-old “artists” either.

    1. I think “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” demonstrated the viability of such a genre crossover.

    2. Regency implies historical. Does gothic imply paranormal? This is a job for the department of redundancy department.

      1. Gothic Fiction can be supernatural (ghosts, vampires) or natural horror (insanity, past crimes), paranormal or abnormal horror. Gothic Fiction era began in the late 18th century and was strong to the late 19th.

        Traditional Gothic Fiction is dated from late 18th century to late 19th century.

        Traditional Regency Romance was written by authors who were alive during the Regency Era in Britain (early 19th century).

        Regency Historical Romance is a recognized genre, written by modern authors but set in the Regency Era.

        (Off topic maybe, but Regency Steampunk Romance is a neglected genre long overdue for a revival. Ok, just kidding.)

    3. I think it is two books, though really, Sarah of Raven Hall would in my mind suit the Gothic Paranormal better – and who is the author, or the authors, of these two romances?

  2. OH, I get it! Sarah of Raven Hall is a historical regency romance, while the other, Sara O’Vivian (wait, seriously? Does that seem a bit too much like Sara Ovarian to anyone else?), is a gothic paranormal romance. Two, two, two romantic Sara(h)s in one. I’m guessing that’s the reason for all the frames?

      1. Awww. I went to Amazon. It’s Sarah of Raven Hall: A Gothic Paranormal Romance – A Historical Regency Romance by Sara O’Vivian. I am crushed.

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