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Unholy Pursuit: The Devil on My Trail

Unholy Pursuit: The Devil on My Trail

“I don’t know what I’m doing, and I don’t care who knows it!”


  1. I have the physical book on my book shelf and this author has no reason whatsoever to be embarrassed of their cover. Just because the image is digitally distorted online by jealous trolls doesn’t mean it’s a bad cover. The book I have in my hand has astonishing, breathtaking work of art, a great blend of black, gray and red. How I know it’s trolls who is doing this is that I’ve seen several posts of the book cover and some are clear and others looks like the one you posted above.

    1. Uh-huh. And are the elves trolls responsible for the fact that the cover I posted above is exactly what shows for the ebook cover on Amazon?

      But the artifacting isn’t the only problem. Four clashing typefaces, and a title that is both left-justified when everything else is centered and has a period at the end, are also reasons for it showing up here.

      Instead of justifying and enabling bad design choices, how about you encourage your friend to up his game, increase his skills, and actually make a professional-looking cover?

  2. How about you stop pissing all over other people’s work. But since you want to be mean you need to take a good look at this crappy webpage. The cartoon over to the side I can barely read it. It looks like pages looked back in the 90’s. Before you can tell someone else about their work you need to look at your owns first and get your act together and then you can tell someone else to get theirs together. The plain simple typesets and fonts I see you people keeps raving over are boring. No imagination, no originality. They are plain old boring as watching wet paint dry. I’ve seen the old boring covers all over the web. They are totally boring. No type in the world can help them. And it’s the same cover over and over again just a different title and author. How original is that? And oftentimes the cover have nothing to do with the contents of the book. I have been tricked into buying books with these mass produced covers only to be disappointed. It’s a statement in the title, that’s why there’s a period. And when did that get to be a crime? Like I said I have a live copy and it turned out beautiful. Transferring digital work over the internet, the gigabytes doesn’t always show up the true beauty of a work and if you people were truly professionals as you say you are then you would know that. As for being my friend, I don’t know any of these people. The book cover designer nor the author but I know what I’m looking at and it looks beautiful. I spoke up because I hate to see people like you and your site piss all over other people hard work when I doubt you yourself could do it. The book I’m looking at in my lap, I judged it from an artistic viewpoint. I’m an art curator and I have read it. It appears the designers were emphasizing the fraying emotional state of the main characters. I don’t think anyone would have everything in perfect order not with the devil and hellhounds on their behind. The cover alone tells the story. That’s a good cover does. And anyone with two eyes can you this site is nothing a ploy to sell bookcovers and any author who use you all are being taken.

    1. For those on TL;DR mode:


      [Once again, “a ploy to sell bookcovers” — despite absolutely no evidence of it anywhere on this site. And this person’s vote counts just as much as yours, folks.]

      1. Congrats, Nathan,

        Not everybody gets to be the object of a Donald Trump tweet, sent out under an alias.

        As a writer an editor, I just LOVE “Emily’s” single long paragraph, long run-on sentences, bad grammar, and mouth-foaming lack of reason, organization, and rationality. Just writing “You suck!” would be ever so much more effective and succinct.

        So, keep up the good work! The fact that you’re getting such responses (e.g. that pseudo-lawyer’s hilarious threats) is proof positive that you are doing good in the world. All of us regular readers and posters at LBC appreciate your efforts. 🙂

    2. “I’m an art curator”

      That’s a truly terrifying thought. On the plus side, at least you don’t claim to be an editor.

    3. There are many – most – ebooks with hires covers. Pixalation is bad. Usually I speak as someone who buys books to read. I worked 34 years at a large book manufacturer in prepress/composition. The subtitle is first and bigger than the title. The title itself is in different fonts and sizes. This is not good style, as in the Press’s Style Book …

      Oh who am I kidding. Actually we are all like the mean girls dissing Kaylee’s dress as store-bought in the ball sequence of that Firefly episode.

    4. “Transferring digital work over the internet, the gigabytes doesn’t always show up the true beauty of a work and if you people were truly professionals as you say you are then you would know that.”

      As a computer professional, I truly know that this is amusing.

      1. Gigabytes!

        Of course even if that meant something, art whose true beauty doesn’t show through on the internet wouldn’t be a good way to brand something intended to be sold only on the internet.

      2. it’s dem dere Kibibytes and Mebibytes, man. They’re corrupting the gigas, so that the artwork just doesn’t sing the way it woulda, if we’d all just gone and BOUGHT it in physical form. (Having noted four whole, non-verified purchase reviews for this book–in physical form–on Amazon.)

        I’d be very, very surprised if Emily, here, didn’t turn out to be A. White, the author of this and other books. She may claim that she doesn’t know the author, or the cover designer (presuming one exists), but the sentence structure she uses–the long, run-on sentences, with little breaking–is identical to that of the author. Misplaced or unused commas, semi-colons–that’s a very, very similar writing style.

        Oh, well…I’m particularly fond of “Authors should not bash each other” from Joyce, below. Obviously, Joyce hasn’t spent any actual time around writers, or she’d know better. Writers claw eyes out regularly. After all, they can kid themselves that they’re not competing with those other 5 million self-pubbed authors–but of course, they know that that’s not true. Wanna see some bloodletting? Join a critique group. And then we get this type of snowflake stuff–“don’t be mean!” Well, bad news is, mean critique groups turn out GOOD writers. Snowflakery doesn’t.

        {shrug}. Enough. I deal with this all day long; having to deal with it here is exhausting.

        1. We’re awful we writers. We be awful, awful people. The worst among us? They be the worst of all and it gives them power beyond the mortal ken. We are but ants before their wretched spite.

      3. God damn those gigabytes! God damn them to hell!

        *collapses on knees and punches the sandy floor.*

    5. A gigabyte image file should be very hi-res. I downloaded a gorgeous panoramic view of Paris at night that was only a few megabytes.

    6. Take heed – if these professional covers ‘tricked’ you to buy a book, to the exclusion of your even reading the blurb or a sample of the text to see if the book might interest you, they were some bloody terrific covers at their job! Just to make sure you get the point, I repeat myself boringly – book cover is not artwork to hang on your wall and express confusion by its many fonts, it is meant to be advertising for the book. It can be artistic too, but the selling is its main point. Did this one do that? Evidence points otherwise.

      1. Tuula: Amen, brother or sister, Amen. I tell my clients (when they listen, which is another whole topic) this one rule to live by: your cover is clickbait. That’s all it is. It is nothing more–but certainly nothing less. Once the prospective buyer has clicked it, and come to your Amazon sales page, its job is DONE. It has lived up to its obligations, and can now retire gracefully from the field. It’s not its job to tell the story–that’s your story’s job. It’s not its job to get you to click and open the LITB–that’s the description’s job. It’s not its job to get you to read the 2nd page–that’s the 1st page’s job.

        All of these things have to work harmoniously together. Don’t make the poor benighted cover wear more–or less–than it ought.

    7. Hey Emily, paragraph breaks are your friend.

      The book cover is bad. A two year old high on pixie sticks and Mountain Dew could do better.

      End of discussion.

  3. How many of you all books are sellin? Back cover or not.the book is popular. Yes you selling covers. I saw the link. I checked Nathan Shumate cover.And it is horrible. So Emily has a point. Authors could not bash each work. That turn readers off.

      1. No gauche gauchos were harmed in the production of the equine erotica, however, English and all sense of good taste went down with this devilishly unholy, ahem, book.

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