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Magic Mirabelle And The Riddle Of Night Opium

Magic Mirabelle And The Riddle Of Night Opium

Algerian is a perfectly serviceable font as long as you vary the width. Also, I’m lying.


    1. Night Opium — a drug that makes one grow fairy wings and see tenement slums as magic forests.

  1. In the near future, science will create external lungs that attach to your back. Or maybe that is some sort of fungal growth.

  2. Those wings look like they’re attached in the wrong place. And the figure doesn’t belong there, a bit awkwardly added in like an afterthought.

    Otherwise, the background isn’t bad, I think. Change the wings, the lighting on the figure (she should be backlit since the strongest source of light is behind her), and change the font including the color.

  3. She’s walking because she does not have good flight muscles in the small of her back, but the wing placement does allow her a long following hairstyle. (Tinker Bell’s wings are attached to her shoulders. Better for flying, but she has to wear her hair short. Priorities.)

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