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Bridget, A Father’s Daughter: Book One of The Blood Sisters Series

Bridget, A Father’s Daughter: Book One of The Blood Sisters Series

That’s big wheat. And that’s definitely not what a mail order bride would wear.


  1. None of the clothing or hair styles are from the same era. Probably no one else cares, but this kind of thing really bugs me. Plus, the blood sisters thing makes me think vampires, but no, it’s a clean western romance. Do vampires count as clean? Maybe if there’s no sex? Blood sucking only, must be.

    1. I’m bothered by the clothing too. But in that wheat field, maybe they’re all just really pretty scarecrows.

  2. Oh, come on now! This is the eighteenth Mail Order Brides book to be featured here. Most seem to be from completely different authors. A lot of them feature anachronistic elements, too. Why are these a thing? (By the way, I laugh a bit too loud at every one that shows up here. It’s actually hilarious to me, for some weird reason.)

  3. I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going on with the arm of the woman standing behind and to the left of Medieval Aishwarya Rai. It looks like she has two left elbows…?

    1. That’s a very fancy tennis elbow wrap, brace or sleeve. With two elbows on one arm, she would need the extra support.

  4. The deformed mass in the front is actually her left hand reaching across and clasping her right hand. But it’s more fun to think it is a specialist mutant alien arm for reaching around double corners.

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