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Legendary Kamigami

Legendary Kamigami

I have found no evidence that the writer/artist is twelve years old. However.


  1. Someone must be really proud of this drawing. If the artist is eight years old then hey! Some talent here. In ten to fifteen years they might be making really decent book covers.

  2. This is awful of me, but all I see when I view this cover is the back of some guy’s head, on his knees, facing her. So to speak. I can’t unsee it now.

  3. This HAS to be somebody’s kid. Has to be. I don’t know anime/manga, but what is that dark blob? Is it supposed to be a magical energy effect? I can’t even make a decent joke because it doesn’t look like anything.

    1. I know manga and I haven’t a single clue what that is on her hand.
      I’ll make a guess: the kid who drew this doesn’t like drawing hands and wanted to hide them.

    2. It could be a fur handmuff but Japanese handmuffs usually have a colorful silk band around the middle.

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