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Reckless Highlander

Reckless Highlander

Five fonts, and a Sean Penn lookalike!


  1. So what do you call a Toyota SUV that has never been in an accident? A wreckless Highlander!

    (I know, the joke is out-of-place, but then so it this disjointed cover with its font overload, multiple lighting sources, giant rose, and tiny crown.)

  2. De-lurking for only a moment because someone has to say it: MY HED IS PASTEDE ON YAY.

    (Also, thank you, Nathan and commentariat. As an aspiring author, I learn something every day from this site, and I usually get a pretty solid chuckle, too.)

  3. It is fascinating how the series title in the banner across the top can be acronymized as LBC (unless “ARDS” is supposed to be a separate word).

      1. Mr. Green tells me that this cover would be even more legendary if Sean Penn’s head was replaced with Locutus wearing a blonde wig.

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