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The only thing I like more than butterflies with my military thrillers is cover quotes from people in the Witness Relocation Program.


  1. Fast? What are they, turbo-charged butterflies?

    I like the green blur with spikes and the spilled fruit punch. The add nice color to your FAST cover about super-speedy butterflies.

    1. i read the blurb and it didn’t mention a single butterfly, turbocharged or otherwise. very disappointing.

  2. So we’re bombing the Somalians, and the helicopter gets shot down by RPG fire, and the airmen need to be rescued, only the Somalians are triffids. Which means that triffids can fire RPGs?

  3. “X meets X” is always worth a laugh. Just throw titles together and pretend they make sense! it’s like “Revenge of the Nerds meets “The Bridge on the River Kwai!. It’s like “My Man Godfrey” meets “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”! It’s like “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” meets “The Human Centipede”!


    1. “’Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ meets ‘The Human Centipede’” may be the single greatest idea EVER.

      1. Hey, we could have an LBC “X Meets X” contest here. Think of the oxymoronic possibilities! My entry:

        “Eragon Meets Gidget”

  4. I think the butterflies are evil. They’re sitting on a pool of blood clutching dog tags. Are they killing soldiers for the blood nectar, or do they just like to collect dog tags?

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