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To Love or Not to Love

To Love or Not to Love

I know which camp I fall into.


  1. I can’t imagine a plot that would be do pug-centric as to warrant that kind of cover space. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the text on the front. Maybe it’s talking about the dogs.

  2. Let me guess: he “loves” dogs more than pretty gals, and in something other than a wholesome family-friendly manner.

    1. His secret revealed, he raises chupacabras for the dog fight circuit. Can dog walker Miranda overlook this minor flaw in her otherwise hunk extrordinaire? Or will she tell this dog to take a walk?

  3. At thumbnail, this cover would be more attractive without the blurry blurb across her shoulder and with the title and by-line more distinct. With eBooks, descriptive blurbs traditionally seen on the back cover of a paper book, now are commonly placed on the eBook front cover (no back cover) and are unreadable at internet ad sizes. Why bother? The Secret Cravings Publishing logo is unreadable at full definition ctrl+ 300%. Make it distinct or lose it; as-is it’s lost.

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