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Survivor Reborn

Survivor Reborn

Re-rendered, maybe?


  1. Hey, whaddaya know? It’s another novel about a guy being changed into a gal! I mean, it’s not like we’ve ever seen one of those before, right?

    When it comes to finding bad covers, the tranny-fetishists’ reference pool is a well with no bottom.

  2. The polygons of her crotch are all messed up, probably why the hands are placed in front to try and hide it (or.. might it be intentional to hint at the gender-bender elem– nah it’s just poor 3d).

  3. Her proportions are very strange. I tried to imagine what she’d look like if she stood up and it was bizarre. That extra long torso and those enormous legs. Not to mention the leg closest to the viewer is smaller than the one farther away. No.

  4. Most times I try to seperate cover from story, but sometimes the quality of the story is the explanation for a lousy cover.

    Amazon Look inside. Kevin starts life over “in Kieran’s mindless body … the body of a female with incredible psionic powers” to track down the vampire who killed her. Some story lines go to great lengths to get a guy into a girl’s pants, but psi powers are mental powers: how does a mindless body have psi powers?

  5. The legs kind of look like balloon pants. The thighs are larger, and have weird sizing and shape. That’s it–that’s what I seeing. It’s as though her frame, her torso, that is, and her legs, were created as balloon animal torso/frame. That’s why they look so freaking odd.

  6. Must be near impossible to find a stock photo of a bored looking woman just sitting there looking all powerfully psionic and whatnot.

  7. If there is a “balloon pseudohuman” Photoshop filter, let’s ban it now, using Kieran as a poster girl.
    At least the pseudohumans so far had had normal body proportions.

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