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Miss Spelled

Miss Spelled

And poorly composed.


  1. She hangs out with Miss Cellany, Miss Begotten, Miss Conception, Miss Understood, and Miss Cegenation, among others.

  2. It’s not so bad. Looks like a genre appropriate cover design, except even I can see the pixelation. The title needs a different color. It’s hard to read. And what the heck is she holding in her raised hand? A weird cupcake? The figures are in the wrong place which made it necessary to overlay the title, part of why it’s hard to read. Plus I would change the subtitle to “A Cozy Witch Mystery”. It just sounds better in my head.

    Never mind, I guess it is that bad.

  3. Just smashing a gigantic pixelated cupcake into my face and hanging out with my gigantic pixelated cats, like you do.

  4. Lydia

    A witch cozy is for keeping witches warm.

    Lord knows she’ll need it if she rides a broom in that skirt.

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