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The Vampires Next Door

The Vampires Next Door

And a face we’ve seen recently, too.


  1. I think we can safely class this as “image search gone wrong” in addition to everything else.

    Actually, I still think the pseudo-girl looks better than anything else on the cover, though those eyes of hers are kind of creepy from closer up. To make matters worse, the compression on this cover sucks; it’s barely shy of “pixelation” territory. Also, did you notice how the “artist” didn’t even bother trying to conceal the part where her shoulder cuts off?

    1. Yeah she’s a cute (overused) 3d model but someone really needs to go draw a highlight in those dead eyes! I hope this poor girl ends up on a better cover next time.

      1. Cute, like a Hello Kitty clock, until you notice it’s backed by coiled wire, a lantern battery, and a block of C4.
        She’s the most creepy pseudohuman I’ve noticed so far. Most are just blah.

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