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Gamma-Terra: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel set in Nuked Mexico

Gamma-Terra: A Post-Apocalyptic Novel set in Nuked Mexico

Oh, look. A mutated Chevrolet.


    1. Maybe in 2491 they have a Society for Creative Automobilism and reenactors build replicas of ancient Chevys.

  1. I see nothing that has been nuked. If I’m promised a book about a post nuclear apocalypse, I want a book cover with a post nuke apocalypse on it. This has an abandoned gas station with a vintage car in front and what looks to me like a recently harvested field behind it.

  2. The only mushroom cloud in evidence is from the shrooms the cover artist was smoking.

    I kind of like the one that looks like a dead possum, though.

  3. Apparently, I’ve been picturing New Mexico wrong all these years. Actually looks pretty nice. And it held up after a nuking. How is “Nuked Mexico” not the title of this book? It is, however, nice to see the author has abandoned time-travel and battling the Avengers and settled into writing books.

  4. It is probably set way after the nukes as they have had time to rebuild this nice little rural gas station, with its fresh paint.

  5. Oh come on Donald, you’re not fooling anyone with that pen-name. And aren’t you supposed to be President-ing?

    1. After World War II, the South Seas Islanders built runways, control towers and bamboo airplanes. They believed that replicating the symbols would restore the days when cargo arrived from the skies.

      In post-Apocalypse Nuked Nevada, the cargo cults build highways, gas stations, and car replicas, to restore the old days of prosperity, when cargo rolled down the highways and everyone lived the good life.

      Same as when people apply once fresh templates to lousy book covers hoping to replicate success.

      They ♪ ♫ believe in magic ♪ ♫.


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