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The Solitary Man`s Post Apocalyptic Grid

The Solitary Man`s Post Apocalyptic Grid

So terribly lonely… (Note: This is a novelette, not a how-to guide.)


  1. AAAAAAAAAAARGH; the grave accent is NOT an apostrophe: how do people not see that that looks ghastly after they’ve typed it?
    Sorry, that’s something that bugs me typographically even more than using square-root symbols as ticks.

  2. Is the point of the novelette lost on me because I don’t recognize that machine? Cover that important detail up with your own name because I’m always on the lookout for a new Don Forrester novelette, er, I mean Dan Formicator, no, that’s not right..,

  3. Blurry photo of who knows what, wrong character for the apostrophe, and a title that does nothing for the book. The only good thing is the yellow colour.

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