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The Emerald Spire

The Emerald Spire

“Take my girl — please!” [rimshot]


  1. It’s too bad about the rest of the cover, because the gal actually looks kinda cute. Seems to me, if you’re going to use computer-generated people, you really ought to have a computer-generated background as well.

  2. Why is it “….” instead of “…”? They’re supposed to be an author S:

    And that’s without mentioning the smoking, translucent desert cucumber.

  3. Watch out the the SMOKING GHOST CACTUS!!!!!!!

    To appease the desert deities, sometimes you have to throw a pseudo girl into the pseudo fire of the ghost cactus. Unfortunately, for the next two days the whole desert smells of burnt plastic, but at least the deities are now happy.

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