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Gino Goes to Mars

Gino Goes to Mars

No, it is NOT “good parenting” to put your children’s crayon pictures on Amazon for sale.


  1. There’s a stray bit of black text (looks like “PARENTS” again) just brushing the edge of that blue rocket fin.
    Glad Gino’s got his space helmet on even while inside the ship (I won’t bring up the question of a space helmet you can fit your hand inside to wave), because that front window appears to be open to the elements.

  2. And as Gregg’s little sister, who never felt loved, read the poorly punctuated “Parents Favorite” badge on her brother’s book, she wiped a tear from her eye.

  3. Great Adventure Series for Children Ages 9 – 12

    Yeah, I bet some 12-year-old Tweens are really gonna want to read this. Heck, even the 9-year-olds will probably turn their noses up at this first-grade drivel.

  4. From book description:
    “Gino is a little boy who is full of ideas and adventure. He is a real little boy whose life has been transformed into real and imaginary life through events of creativity and knowledge. Each child who reads Gino’s adventures will be transformed with actual events, places and facts that a child can learn from whether it’s about history, science or physics.”

    What does that even–??

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