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The Savior: Part 2 (The Cosmic Justice League Book 3)

The Savior: Part 2 (The Cosmic Justice League Book 3)

“Maybe if I layer two stolen images over each other, no one will notice!”


  1. She’s obviously omnipresent as suggested by this:

    When a goddess walked (past tense) among mortals, who will she choose (future tense) to save?

    I am no English scholar, but I see this kind of thing all the time. It drives me crazy. Or maybe it drove me crazy?

  2. Stolen, huh? Otherwise, maybe a bit busy but not a bad genre cover. Except for the horrible, horrible fonts and type treatment in general. And, as Wesley states above, choose which tense to use! And stick with it. Please.

  3. Cosmic Justice League, Episode 3, Part 2, Chapter 8, Sub-chapter 3, Revision 12, Paragraph 5, Bullet Point 9, Sub-Point 2, Book 7.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t let that go unaddressed.

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