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JULIE THOMAS Here and Now: Post Apocalyptic Survival

JULIE THOMAS Here and Now: Post Apocalyptic Survival

Yeah, I’m excited.


  1. At least they spelt apocalyptic correctly (unlike another book you featured). Pity about the random alignment of text, the poor colour scheme, the confusion about who is the author or what the title is. And without a picture it is just asking to be ignored.

  2. Yeah, I guess it’s non fiction, but more of something visual would be nice. A little post apocalyptic devastation, please.

    (My autocorrect just changed post apocalyptic to postal oval yogic. I’m laughing like a loon).

  3. I prefer to read that cover as
    Post Apocalyptic Julie Thomas
    Here and Now Survival

    Terry McDonald

    Trust Post Apocalyptic Julie for all your Here and Now Survival tips.

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