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Lost in American Dream

Lost in American Dream

No words.


  1. Is the author called ‘John Vanilla boy’ or ‘Festim Famelarti?’ And either way, is he REALLY called that?

  2. Mother of god, this description:

    A black hole comedy.
    The power of the gravity of this book will suck you in and spagettiphy your mind and your dreams. Will illuminate you and throw you back to reality like a true superhero.

    I don’t even know where to start. The Great Spaghetti Monster is going to attack my mind, if I read this book? The black hole will suck me in, and screw up my mind and my dreams? Why the hell would I read that, then? Spaghetti-fy my mind?

    But those all pale in comparison to “…throw you back to reality like a true superhero.” Hunh? Are we talking about reality, and superheroes, in the same sentence.

    Followed by this, as the last line from the end of his description:

    Or, or, or… wait, I have a bad idea right now about my mother.

    Nope, the bad idea was about writing a book. Or, at least, this book.

    1. When it’s illuminated you, you will light up like a human light bulb. At which point you will be thrown back to reality and everyone will start calling you Lightbulb Lady and asking you to save them from their poorly-lit perils.

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