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Forefathers & Founding Fathers

Forefathers & Founding Fathers

Because nothing says “historic” fiction like a tomato splat.


    1. That’s The Seedling of Liberty Watered by the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants! Give the little feller time.

      (in interests of full disclosure: I have a Gadsen snake flag in the back window of my pickup truck and I think the cover is overwrought, too.)

      The bullet hole in glass close up … that looks like what I see when automotive safety glass gets shot.

      1. The whole Tree of Liberty and blood thing works well as a metaphor but literalizing it like this cover does just turns it into The Thing From Another World.

  1. There’s at least one foremother on that cover, too. Is that background supposed to be folded dollar bills? Because I don’t think those existed at that time.

  2. That eye up there in the flag makes me want to stick a piece of black tape over it, the piece of black tape being the exact size of this cover.

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