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Born To Be Wild

Born To Be Wild

Even more cliches inside!


  1. How can a best-selling author write a book with such a lousy cover and title?
    And what is “A Kathy Classic”?

    If you love good writing, set yourself free from having to look at this lousy cover.

    1. From amazon: “This book was previously published several years ago and has gotten new life as an eBook.”

      I think that some of these are books that are out of print and the rights for which have reverted to the author. The author then self-publishes them trading generally on name recognition for marketing.

      Now, how someone with many years in publishing can have so little idea of what a cover should look like, I have no idea.

      1. I suspect that authors self-publishing out-of-print titles seem to expect name and title recognition among their fan base will sell the title, the heck with quality covers, they’re just doing a favor to fans who demand release of their o.p. backlist titles. But I think they are not winning new fans by skimping on covers.

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