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The Brothers Good and An Angel – Jesus, Please Remember Me

The Brothers Good and An Angel – Jesus, Please Remember Me

I don’t plan to start posting album covers on a regular basis, but this was just too bad not to share.


  1. Hoo, boy! Bad album covers? Now there’s a well with no bottom to it… Yeah, I’d have to agree we should probably stick to book covers for this site, though arguably the tape and CD-liner covers for audio books are fair game.

    Like my favorite bad book cover of all time (One Sexy Daddy by Vivian Leigh), my favorite bad album covers were wink wink nudge nudge covers done by professionals, they being the Afghan Whigs’ Retarded/Turning In Two/Sister Brother/Hey Cuz compilation album (alternate title: No, We Have Not Been Fisting Each Other, Despite Appearances) and Gentlemen (alternate title: This Is Not What It Looks Like And F*** You For Saying Otherwise, Linda Ronstadt).

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